Qin Family

秦傲风 Qin Aofeng – main character, famous for being the good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master of Qin City

秦傲天 Qin Aotian – older brother of Qin Aofeng located at the imperial capital

秦傲洛 Qin Aoluo – Qin Aofeng’s cousin, jealous of Qin Aotian, bully of Qin Aofeng

秦奎 Qin Kui – cadet branch member, bully of Qin Aofeng

秦非 Qin Fei – Aofeng’s neighbor, protective of her

秦九 Qin Jiu – Aofeng’s neighbor, protective of her

秦傲辛 Qin Aoxin, a part of Qin Aoluo’s group that beat up Aofeng

秦武 Qin Wu, father of Qin Aoluo, third son of Qin Ding

秦鼎 Qin Ding, family head, Qin Aofeng’s grandfather

秦廉 Qin Lian, enforcer of the Qin Family, comes from the main Qin Family at the imperial capital

秦润 Qin Run, uncle of Qin Aofeng, younger brother to Qin Shu, son of the Qin family head


君落羽 Jun Luoyu, Holy Emperor of the Radiance Magus Church


秦城 Qin City – a small rural city in the south of the continent

湘南森林 Xiangnan Forest, located by Qin City