The most basic of all basic information. Almost entirely spoiler free up to the chapter posted. Things in brackets are comments on the meaning of the names. The descriptions are based on the first time each character is mentioned.

1 – 5

Zuo Mo (左莫): a nondescript outer sect disciple of W Kong Sword Sect. Two years ago, the zombie faced male had been found by the sect leader and was taken back to the sect. Having amnesia, he happily live a busy and fulfilling life, wanting to earn jingshi.

Old Black(老黑头): outer sect disciple of Wu Kong Sword sect. Can be considered the disciple living most difficulty in the outer sect. On good terms with Zuo Mo and Wei Sheng. He has been an outer sect disciple for twenty years in Wu Kong Sword sect. His cultivation is low, and has farmed ling grains for twenty years. He has a talented son in a small sword sect and needs to support his expenses. Old Black spends all his time on ling grains and barely makes enough jingshi to support his family.

Fu Jin(付金): of average cultivation potential, and not very interested in cultivation, causing his level to still be lianqi third level. He decides to set up a business in Dong Fu. He is skilled at networking and has many suppliers for almost anything, like low level talismans and some spells. Zuo Mo commonly goes to him for business and is familiar with him. [Fu is paying, jin is gold. Literally paying gold.]

Xu Yi (许逸): ranked third among the inner sect disciples of Wu Kong Sword Sect. He is usually responsible for teaching the outer sect disciples. He is Xin Yan’s disciple, and the one most skilled in forging among the disciples.

Luo Li(罗离): ranked fourth among the inner sect disciples of Wu Kong Sword Sect. He is naturally cold, infatuated with the sword, and extremely talented. He is the only person who managed to successfully practice [Empty Sword] in the second generation of disciples. He is recognized as the most talented person in Wu Kong Sword Sect and the one most like to achieve the sect’s ultimate scripture [Void Sword]. He is infatuated with inner sect disciple Hao Min.

Hao Min (郝敏): Wu Kong Sword Sect inner sect disciple. Extremely proud. Because she was going out on a trip with Luo Li, she had Zuo Mo take care of her fields.

Xin Yan (辛岩): Ranking second in the elder generation of Wu Kong Sword sect. Once had a formidable reputation in Yao Hunt. Jindan cultivation. Skilled in forging.

Yan Le (阎乐): Ranking third in the elder generation of Wu Kong Sword Sect. Jindan cultivation. Responsible for the business transactions outside Wu Kong Sword Sect. [Le can mean happy or cheerful, Yan Le’s usually personality]

6 – 10

Fei Yun (费云): The disciple on duty at the Hundred Item Pavilion in Wu Kong Sword Sect. [Fei also mean cost or fee]

Xiao Guo (小果): full name Yu Xiao Guo. Outer sect disciple of Wu Kong Sword Sect. Has an adorable apple face, and a tendency to cry. [Literally little fruit.]

Li Ying Feng (李英凤): extremely kind and righteous person. Has the highest cultivation in the outer sect female disciples of Wu Kong Sword Sect. Extremely well-respected by everyone, and the caretaker of the female disciples of the Eastern Peak.

Wei Sheng (韦胜): Wu Kong Sword Sect disciple, originally Luo Li’s sword servant. The person with the highest attack power in the outer sect of Wu Kong Sword Sect. Not very tall, thick shoulders, a square face and thick brows, appearing extremely honest. He has high forbearance. [Sheng is victory, winning]

11 – 15

Guo Lu (郭卢): Wu Kong Sword Sect outer sect disciple. The person most skilled with [Art of Aged Gold] in the outer sect other than Zuo Mo.

Shi Feng Rong (施凤容): Ranking fourth in the elder generation of Wu Kong Sword Sect. Jindan expert, skilled in dan-making. Cold on the outside, hot on the inside. Like face, extremely protective.

Pei Yuan Ran (裴元然): Wu Kong Sword Sect sect leader. Jindan cultivation. Looks kind on the outside, is a good observer. Extremely desiring for the prosperity and rise of the sect. [Yuan is first]

16 – 20

Pu (蒲): an unimaginably beautiful man (male yao). Caused the ling grains of Wu Kong Sword Sect to wither, and under Xin Yan’s Ice Dragon Sword, turned into a black dandelion, living in Zuo Mo’s sea of consciousness.

21 – 25

Tian Song Zi (天松子): Jindan cultivation. In charge of Dong Fu Hall, the true master of Dong Fu.

26 – 30

Shi Xiang (施祥): disciple of Chi Sword Sect, ningmai cultivation.

Liang Luo (梁洛): disciple of Chi Sword sect, ningmai cultivation, shidi of Shi Xiang.

31 – 35

Wei Nan (魏南): An outer sect disciple of Wu Kong Sword Sect three thousand years ago. His ability was being able to sense ling veins. The last remains he left to the world were twenty jade scrolls concluding all the knowledge he had gathered and his own experiences.

36 – 40

Zong Ming Yan (宗铭雁): The disciple of Dong Qi Sword Sect’s Zuo Mei Tian. His shidi had a conflict with Zuo Mo.

Yu Bai (俞白): The disciple of Dong Fu Tian Song Zi. Extremely warm and elegant, with exceptional talents. Extremely famous in the area of Dong Fu. Has good cultivation but lacks the experience of true battle.

41 – 45

Xu Qing (许晴): Outer sect disciple of Wu Kong sWord Sect. The first seat of the outer sect female disciples in Shi Feng Rong’s Fragrant Ginger Yard.

46 – 50

Qin Cheng(秦城): the disciple of Wu Kong Sword Sect’s sect leader, Pei Yuan Ran. Cultivates Wind and Thunder Sword Scripture. The original inner sect Eldest Shixiong.

Gongsun Qing (公孙晴): The Eldest Shijie of the inner sect disciples of Wu Kong Sword Sect. Supposedly, her betrothed is a disciple of a large sect.

51 – 55

Wu Ming (吴明): has a wealthy family, the first person to discover the effects of great strength pill (renamed golden crow pill). [Homonym for no-name]

Master Shao(邵师): a big bodied square-faced man. The best ling cook in Dong Fu. The Master Shao Food Pavilion is the most famous ling food restaurant in Dong Fu.

56 – 60

61 – 65

Lin Qian (林谦): An extremely handsome male. First encountered Zuo Mo when he had been swept away by the river when practicing the sword.

66 – 70

Xu Yi Xia (须依夏): Wu Kong Sword Sect inner sect disciple. Personality lively, yet extremely cunning. Close to the original inner sect disciples like Luo Li.

71 – 75

Yuan Li (袁笠): A jindan expert from Bright Wave Jie. One of the experts that came from Bright Wave Jie to investigate Stars in Daytime. Skilled in detecting energies.

Wen Tie sanren (文铁散人): One of the jindan experts that came to Sky Moon Jie from Bright Moon Jie to investigate the Stars in Daytime.

76 – 80

Xue Yun (薛云): Wen Tie sanren’s disciple. Interfered the second time Zuo Mo was preparing to sell yin beads to Xiao Huan.

81 – 85

Yan Ming Zi (燕明子): a disciple of Ling Ying Sect. Has come to make trouble at Wu Kong Sword Sect.

Hu Shan (胡山): a disciple of Ling Ying Sect. Has come to make trouble at Wu Kong Sword Sect. Wields the blazing sabre.

Tao Zhu Er (陶姝儿): a disciple of Ling Ying Sect. Has come to make trouble at Wu Kong Sword Sect with Yan Ming Zi and Hu Shan.

Wen Fei (文飞): a disciple of Ling Ying Sect. Tao Zu Er invites him to Wu Kong Sword Sect to settle a score with Zuo Mo. His talisman is the Sky River Fan.

Ming Dao (明道): a disciple of Ling Ying Sect. Came with Yan Ming Zi and the others on their second trip.

91 – 95

96 – 100

Gu Rong Ping (古容平): originating from Tian Ming Hu (Clear Sky Lake), is called the greatest of the young generation of Clear Sky Lake, a disciple of Heart Lake Sword Sect. Don’t be fooled by his gentle and refined appearance. His “First in Clear Sky Lake” was based on true battle. From two years ago, he started to fight sect after sect, never losing which earned him his nickname.

Lin Yuan (林远): The Eldest Disciple of Ling Ying Sect, personally has close connections with Ling Ying Sect. His family is a famous mechant house in Sky Moon Jie, and the first among the disciples. His family provides great aid to Ling Ying Sect, causing his position among the disciples to be extremely different.

Wang Shixiong (王师兄): a disciple of Ling Ying Sect, famed for his medicine-seal-style that is extremely expensive to battle with.

Chang Heng (常横): a disciple of Ling Ying Sect, but does not cultivate a scripture from Ling Ying Sect. He uses the blood spider sword.

101 – 105

106 – 110

Red-robed Male: ningmai cultivation. Came to Zuo Mo to process an inky black lotus seed.

Eagle-nosed Man: ningmai cultivation. Eternally dark expression on his face. Part of the red-robed male’s group.

Snarling Brawny Man: ningmai cultivation. Extremely unreasonable. Part of the red-robed male’s group.

111 – 115

116 – 120

Chao An (晁安): born in Fort Chao. He cultivates an extremely obscure Fiery Polaris Hammer, brutally strong and fierce, extremely powerful. Zuo Mo’s opponent for the first match of the Dong Fu Sword Test Conference.

Nan Men Yang (南门阳): a brawny man, extremely talented, no family or sect. His second-grade [Vajrapani Scripture] combined with the second-grade [Mountain Breaker Sword] is alarming strong when combined in his hands.

Gui Feng (鬼风): of unknown origins. Skilled in the [Little Ghost Sword] and has a very mysterious ghost related movement method.

121 – 125

Su (素): the black-gauze hat wearing xiuzhe that watched Zuo Mo fight at Ling Ying Sect. She is the shimei of Gu Rong Ping, a disciple of Heart Lake Sword Sect.

126 – 130

131 – 135

136 – 140

Meng Qing (蒙青): ningmai cultivation, skilled at concealment but his other spells are average. Has the experience of once escaping from the pursuit of jingdan cultivators. One of the one hundred people that entered the last round of Dong Fu Sword Test Conference.

141 – 145

Feng Qing (冯青): Ling Ying Sect’s sect leader.

Five Hills Sanren (五陵散人): jindan cultivator. Is a rare xiuzhe that is skilled in formations. A judge in the Dong Fu Sword Test Conference.

Wei Fei (魏飞): jindan expert. Has been famed in Sky Moon Jie for a long time. A judge in the Dong Fu Sword Test Conference.

146 – 150

151 – 155

156 – 160

161 – 165

166 – 170

Nan Ming Zi (南明子): a ningmai from a small sect. The first xiuzhe to pass by the Desolate Wood Reef.

171 – 175

Chun Yu Cheng (淳于成): one of the Wu Kong Sword Sect discipels that followed Zuo Mo to Desolate Wood Reef. Handsome appearance, sharp brows and bright eyes. Extremely dependable person. Just entered zhuji, has average talent in cultivation but a person enchanted with animal husbandry.

Gongsun Cha (公孙差): one of the Wu Kong Sword Sect disciples that followed Zuo Mo to Desolate Wood Reef. White and clean, refined like a scholar, yet he has a jade medal for being a butcher. He smiles shyly like the neighbor’s little boy.

176 – 180

181 – 185

Zhang Hao (章豪): The bandit leader of the Crow Wind Bandits that dominated Sky Moon Jie. A powerful expert among the ningmai cultivators, his sword essence has reached the level of “sword follows the heart”.

Zou Han (邹寒): the second seat of the Crow Wind Bandits, ningmai cultivation. Uses a poisonous fan talisman. Once had been defeated by Wei Sheng of Wu Kong sword Sect. He was saved by Zhang Hao but has a grudge against Wu Kong Sword Sect.

Bo Feng (傅峰): the yellow-faced man from the Sword Test Conference. Of mysterious origins, he has gathered a group of xiuzhe including Chang Heng and Gui Feng. He meets Zuo Mo at the Desolate Wood Reef.

186 – 190

191 – 195

196 – 200

201 – 205

Mu Xi(木希): battle general in the yao army, of the Wood Clan. She is in charge of one of the yao troops that invaded Sky Moon Jie, passing by Zuo Mo on the Desolate Wood Reef.

206 – 210

Ma Fan (麻凡): a roaming xiu of Little Mountain Jie, second stratum ningmai cultivation. One of the first people Zuo Mo encounters in Little Mountain Jie. He practices an incomplete sword scripture which has an illusory movement method and three powerful sword moves.

211 – 215

Lei Peng (雷鹏): a rebellious and loud sabre xiuzhe with ningmai second stratum cultivation. Captured by Zuo Mo and Gongsun Cha in Little Mountain Jie.

216 – 220

Zong Ru (宗如 ): a rare dhyana xiu. Ningmai second stratum cultivation. He was captured and put on the same team as Lei Peng and Nian Lu.

Nian Lu (年绿): sword xiu of ningmai second stratum cultivation. He was captured and put on the same team as Lei Peng and Zong Ru.

Bao De (鲍德) : The leader of the group that was the enemy in Gongsun Cha’s first battle, ningmai second stratum cultivation.

Xie Shan(谢山) : Ningmai third stratum, leader of the group which occupied Stone Door Beach before Gongsun Cha took over.